Ushi-no Yotare
[From the robata grill]
Yotare -Minced chicken formed on a stick- Eel
Sirloin -Spiced beef on a stick-   Squid
Atsuage -Deep fried tofu with special dashi source-   Scallops
Sunagimo -Gizzard-   Sardine
Yakitori -Chicken and leek-   Shiitake mushrooms
Fish -Seasonal fish-   Taro Potatoes
Saikyo-yaki -Cod fish flavored with Saikyo miso-   Egg Plants
Potatoes -Potatoes with miso and butter-   Green Peppers
Rice balls -Crispy on the surface; steamed and soft inside-  
Soba (tea leaf flavoerd) -Cold mori-soba noodles with dashi soup-
Tsukemono -Pickled vegetables-    
Suiton -Japanese traditional soup-    
  [Drink menu]
Squid Sashimi Beer
Tofu -Tofu heated inboiled water- Japanese Sake
Konnyaku -Paste made from the arum root- - Hot
Cold Tofu - Room temperature
Shiokara -Salted squid- - Cold
Mozuku Shochu
Grilled squid -Flavored with squid gut- Oolong Tea, Barley tea
(Please ask for a course meal.)